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Inside View  2 Pockets On Each Side

                      ​    X-SMALL    SMALL    MEDIUM    LARGE    X-LARGE    2X-LARGE    3X-LARGE 

WIDTH ​                 19"            20"            21"            22"            23"             24"                25"

LENGTH              25.5"          26"          26.5"         27.5"         28.5"          29.5"            30.5"

​SLEEVE                24.5"        24.75"      25"            25.25"       25.5"          25.75"             26"

Black Short Sleeve

White Short Sleeve



My name is Carol Hunter and I am a breast cancer survivor.


 My mother and I both endured double mastectomies which saved our lives. 

 Unfortunately, breast cancer is a reality that too many women have to face today.   

My goal is to help as many women who have to endure the same struggles that we 

did.  I believe the quicker you can begin to incorporate your normal daily routines

into your life and enjoy the outdoors comfortably again, the quicker your body and

mind will recover. That is why I designed this post surgical jacket to help women

feel like themselves and heal with dignity. This jacket not only holds and conceals 

the unsightly drains it does it discreetly in a fashionable way. No pins, belts with 

 dangling pouches.  A jacket specially designed to hide the drains so only you know

they are there!  It's your Secret! 






White Long Sleeve

​Black Long Sleeve